Gluten-Free Food Swaps on!

As part of its continuous pursuit to an accessible holistic approach to achieve a more nutritious regular and gluten-free diet to every Filipino, widens its selection of pantry goods and gourmet products by introducing the Healthy Food Swaps option, courtesy of its newest partner 7grains.

The list includes a new variety of day to day pantry needs such as seasoning, ketchup, noodles, chips, and other healthier food swaps that guarantee denser nutrient concentration, lower calories, and gluten-free ingredients compared to their commercial counterparts.

Snacking on guilt-less chips

Composed of a variety of 7 vegetables per crisp, the Skinny Veggie Chips boasts the nutritious benefits of cassava, malunggay, squash, carrots, water spinach, saluyot, and sweet potato tops. The 50-gram crispy vegetable party-in-a-pack also proudly highlights no MSG, no food coloring, no preservatives, and no wheat flour, making it a perfect addition to a gluten-free diet meal plan. Skinny Veggie Chips comes in plain and cheddar chive flavor.

Go skinny with the zero carb shirataki noodles

Considered as the “holy grail” of dieters in the US and Europe because of its almost zero calorie property, shirataki noodles, also known as konjac noodles, has successfully made it to the shores of the Philippines laden with its beneficial properties including a good amount of dietary fiber, low glycemic index, and gastrointestinal regulation coming from its primary ingredient glucomannan. Since the noodles comes from the konjac plant and not from wheat, barley nor rye, adding it to the gluten-free food list would definitely make weight-loss for gluten sensitive individuals far more easier than ever.

Umami-er meals with Gluten-free Seasoning

Aside from having high sodium content, some commercial flavor enhancers in the market are also virtually not gluten free at all. 7grains however took the initiative to introduce a gluten-free seasoning which enhances the flavor of Filipino dishes even more. Skinny Seasoning with its 16 amino acids concentrate produces the sought-after umami taste while providing potent antioxidants making it 10 times more powerful than that of red wine’s per serving. You can use this as alternative to your regular not gluten-free guaranteed soysauce. It is also packed with oligosaccharides which support good bacteria in our digestive tracks while yielding only about 1.16 calories per serving compared to the 15-25 calories per serving  of reduced sodium soy sauce.

Other products in store also include sweetener and gluten-free 7grains Calamansi Purée (Lemonsito) from freshly squeezed 1 kilo of calamansi making it a good source of Vitamin C; gluten-free Skinny Healthy Tomato Ketchup which, unlike its commercial counterpart, has no preservatives, artificial flavors, low in calories, high in soluble fiber inulin and an antioxidant called lycopene; and gluten-free Skinny Soup Base Paste essentially made from an assortment of real vegetables, herbs, and spices, making it a healthier substitute to your regular bouillon cubes, marinades, and soup bases.

Try these now for a more convenient gluten-free meal and healthy diet planning!


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