Typical Pinoy Gluten-Free Food You Should Know

In general, those of us in the Philippines who are avoiding foods with gluten, won’t have a difficult time finding food that is gluten-free in this country. We’re happy to say it actually fits well in the typical Filipino diet. (Rice, anyone?) Most of the carbohydrates and starch sources that we have in our local dishes are commonly gluten-free.

We have already discussed what gluten-free food is, and what the common sources of gluten-free food could be, even grains you’d definitely be glad to know are gluten-free. Let’s see 3 important food items to add to your gluten-free list.



Yes, the Filipino stomach won’t be satisfied without this Filipino dining staple. Though a lot might already be aware that rice is not in the gluten foods roster, there are still some that are quite uneasy about it. The good news is, rice is safe for the gluten-intolerant. So, it’s not necessary to avoid rice, when you are craving for it.

Sweet Potato


Craving for a stick of kamote-cue this afternoon? Go ahead! Though it’s one of the most underestimated carbohydrates around, is lower in the glycemic index  than its other variety: the regular potato. So this is safer for those watching their blood sugar levels. And of course, it’s one of the foods without gluten (Yay!).

Rice Noodles (Bihon)


As a rice source, we can all instinctively declare now that bihon is not a gluten-laden food. As one of the party favorites that symbolizes “long life”, noodles such as bihon, though will not literally “extend” your life, is technically safe for consumption for our gluten-intolerant friends. However, it needs to be thoroughly washed first, especially if you are not sure where it was manufactured to avoid the risk of cross-contamination[1]. Not a fan of rice noodles? There are some more pasta items you can find in your typical grocery store that are gluten-free. You can even have some home-delivered.

We’ll get to know more gluten-free foods in our next posts so, stay tuned!


  1. 4310830, 95 -. Sources of gluten – celiac disease foundation. Celiac Disease Foundation, 1998. Web. 4 Nov. 2016.

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